What Causes Mold?

Usually, excess moisture causes mold growth. If you have mold in your home, you will need to find out where the moisture is getting into the house. You may have groundwater/surface leaks, a roof leak, problems with wall joists or plumbing leaks. Even stagnant water left in appliances could cause mold growth.

How Much Does It Cost to Have Mold Removed?

Mold removal costs are dependent upon the size of the structure, level of contamination and location in structure (crawlspace, attic, bathroom, etc.), and several others factors. Our experts can provide a fair and accurate bid once these factors are better understood. Call today for more information.

Should I Use Bleach to Kill Mold?

While bleach may kill mold on some surfaces, it does not kill mold on porous surfaces such as wood, drywall, cloth, etc. Chlorine bleach (sodium hypochlorite 6 percent) cannot get into the porous surfaces where most mold hyphae (the root structures) grow and attach themselves. Bleach has an ion structure that prevents it from penetrating porous surfaces, thus the root structures inside the porous surfaces are not killed. While the bleach may remove the mold from the top of the surface, the roots are still inside the pores.

Furthermore, bleach could increase mold problems. The water in the bleach soaks into the porous surface and the chemical stays on top. This gives the roots more moisture to grow. Dense mold will grow onto the surface within a few days of bleach treatment and the wet surface becomes a magnet for mold spores that were not killed by surface treatment.

The only way to properly get rid of mold is to treat it professionally. Call Environmental Solutions Group, LLC or complete and submit the contact information form to schedule a time to test your home or business for mold.

Do I Have to Tear Out Carpet and Sheetrock?

Sheetrock can be saved if it is structurally sound, dry, and the mold is only on the surface. In some cases the best course of action will be to remove some or all of the impacted sheetrock. An onsite inspection will give you definitive answers on drywall. Carpet can be a bit more difficult. Often the “culprit” in mold on flooring is not the just the carpet, but the padding, tack strip, glue and subfloor material. Today’s modern materials often “feed” mold more so than carpet itself or even solid wood. As such Environmental Solutions Group, LLC looks at each situation and will recommend the best course of action.

My Clothing and Furniture Have Been Subjected to Mold, Do I Have to Throw Them Away?

Clothes can often be washed properly or dry-cleaned rather than be thrown out. Our experts can give you a better assessment during an inspection.

How Long Does It Take to Remove Mold From My Home?

A typical Environmental Solutions Group, LLC mold remediation is anywhere from one to three days of work depending on the size of the impacted areas, extent of damage, and the size of the home.

If I Ignore the Mold, Can it affect My Health?

Yes, the mold spores could affect your health in several ways: It could affect your respiratory system, nervous system, immune system; and dermatological and hematological systems. Those who already have asthma and allergies may be affected sooner and more severely. Mold can also lower your immunity to other disease, giving viruses and other sicknesses to grow and affect you much quicker than usual.

Is Mold Typically Just in One Place?

Mold is a living organism which spreads by a process known as “sporulation”. Molds can disperse millions of microscopic spores which can spread throughout a structure including the central heating and air conditioning system. Thorough testing can determine if the mold is contained in a specific area or has spread into other areas of the structure.

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Health Concerns:

Having mold present in your home or business is not only bad for the building itself, but can adversely affect your health. Health issues related to mold have been well-documented. While healthy people can certainly suffer from mold exposure, the young, the elderly and people with respiratory conditions are even more susceptible to mold-induced health problems.

Health Problems:

People who have asthma, allergies, sinusitis and other respiratory conditions are more susceptible to complications if mold is present in the home or business. Also, people who have a weakened immune system are at greater risk for complications, including those with HIV, diabetes and infants whose immune systems are not fully developed.

Symptoms of Mold Exposure:

Symptoms of mold exposure may include one or more of the following:

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Asthma
  • Memory loss
  • Irritation of the eyes, nose, skin, throat, and lungs
  • Lung disease
  • Kidney (renal) failure
  • Acute idiopathic pulmonary hemorrhage (especially in infants)
  • Some forms of cancer, including lung and liver cancers
  • Increased lower respiratory illness and/or viral infections in healthy children

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How Do I Know That All the Mold is Gone?

Once our professional mold technicians complete the mold remediation process, they re-test your home or business and send the results to an independent lab for analysis. The lab will forward its report showing a clean home or business.

What Kind of Mold Can Hide in My Home?

Mold samples taken by our professional mold testers and remediators show what type of mold is in your home or business. There are thousands of mold types, including Penicillium Aspergillus, Stachybotrys and Chaetomium. Some mold types are associated with harmful toxins, some with other health problems. Once a mold professional determines what type of mold is in your home, we will determine the best course of action to eradicate the type of mold in your home or business. Environmental Solutions Group LLC’s mold remediation procedure removes all types of mold. Fill out the contact information form for more information regarding mold testing and remediation services.